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Effective March 20th, 2019, Conifer has suspended cancellation of policies due to non-payment of premium for clients who indicate financial impact by the recent COVID-19 outbreak and are experiencing trouble making a payment. Additionally, late pay fees have been waived at this time.


Texas Homeowner Insurance

Conifer Insurance Company specializes in a wide range of home policies to fit Texas homeowners specific needs. Flexible coverage options and policy forms are available to those showing pride in ownership on a variety of property types.

Target Classes:


Program Highlights

We understand that no two homes are the same. That’s why our program offers homeowners a tailored insurance policy and flexible deductible options which are specific to your personal needs.

Available to Older Homes
No Prior Insurance Considered
No Credit Checks
Available to Older Homes
Owner Occupied Primary

Flood Insurance

Interest in protecting your home from flood?

Visit our affiliate carrier, White Pine Insurance Company, to learn more about this important coverage commonly excluded from homeowners policies.

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